Conference for Ethical-Mystical Ideas of Imam Khomeini

Chairman of the Conference: Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi Amoli
Time of Observation: 7-8 Khordad,1382
Place: Auditorium for the meetings in Imam Khomeini’s Seminary

The conference for Ethical-Mystical Ideas of Imam Khomeini started its work in 1380 with the aim of investigating and elucidating more and more the insights and practical policy f the Imam in the area of ethic and mysticism. The reason for the indication of the subject was that the Imam’s thought on the course of ethic and mysticism had remained relatively unexplored with regard to researching. Therefore, it seemed to be seriously necessary for the society to become aware of the facts to follow the deceased Leader’s mystical conduct in their life.

            During the past two years before the proposal for the holding of this conference could be approved, several scientific activities were done such as the following: a collection of scientific articles, some academic interviews, collecting some mystical and ethical texts about the Imam’s ideas, some references, publication of some editions of the Magazine Ishraq, gathering some ethical-mystical letters written by the Imam, the theological letter and praying letters of Imam Khomeini, and compiling some books separate from these works.


  • Mystical Conference—Mystical Letter

This is a book containing a collection of Imam Khomeini’s mystical-ethical letters that have been written since his youth (Age 34) up to a few months before his demise. The great number of these letters dated after the Revolution is expressive of his great interest in such topics by the side of his political leadership in the eventful period after the victory. Publication of these letters together with explanation of some idiomatic expressions has made them easier for common readers to understand ethical-mystical advice and instructions of the Imam, and this has been what the deceased Imam persisted in so much.


  • Mystical Conference--Theological Letter (a book)


Writing theological letters has an ancient history. Some mystic scholars used to write down their whisperings-murmerings with God and let the others benefit from their enthusiastic fervency of the fire of their love. Although the deceased Imam did not arrange a theological collection in this style, the whole of his writings that start with “O God, O Lord or my God” is evidently interesting and worth reading.





  •      Mystical Conference--Praying Letter


The above, a book title, is a collection of prayers which the Imam has said, issued or chanted in different times. Evidently, a person’s prayings are indicative of his superior desires and his higher personality, particularly when the various sides of the prayers could be dealt with whether in speech or in writing. This collection, more than its being a research work, displays the Imam’s superior desires and ideals for the public.


  • Mystical Conference - Titles of Mystical Articles (in 4 volumes)


1-      The Holiest Grace and Sacred Blessing/Ahmad Asadi

2-      Treasure of Unity in the Sea of Multiplicity/Mohammadjalal Akbarian

3-      Imam Khomeini, the World of Theism and Unseen Identity/Wassam al-Khatawi

4-      Investigation in Truth of the Superior Name in the View of Imam Khomeini/Mohammad Isa Ja’fari

5-      The Affectionate Mysticism/Abdolhosayn Khosrowpanah

6-      Names and Attributes for Beauty and Glory of God/Batul Khosravi

7-      The Highest Remembrance of Recounters in Disposition of the Imam of Mystics/Moslem Khalqi

8-      Divine Names in Mystical Worldview of Imam Khomeini/Sai’ed Rahimian

9-      Dynamic Mysticism in the opinion of Imam Khomeini/Reza Ramazani

10-  Stages of existence and the Existence of God to the Imam/Ahmad Sa’adat

11-  General Features, Manifestations and Stages of Existence in Mysticism/Abolfazl Kiashemshaki

12-  Religious Experience from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini/Ali Shirvani

13-  Luminous and Dark Veils/Ahmad Abedi

14-  The Imam’s Outlook on Mystical Perspectives of Mullah Sadra/Hosayn Oshshaghi Isfahani

15-  Certain Mystical Features of Imam Khomeini/Mohsen Amiq

16-  Investigation of Blindness in the Mystical Idea of the Imam/Mohammadreza Ghafurian

17-  The Pure Islam in the light of Pure Mysticism in the View of Imam Khomeini/ Aliasghar Moradi

18-  The Six Worlds and the Five Excellencies/Mohammadreza Mostafapur

19-  God’s Stages of Existence in the Imam’s Perspective Saydmohsen Musavi Gorgani

20-  The True Figure of Man/Mohammadreza Aminzadeh

21-  Interpretation in mystical Works of Imam Khomeini/Sayd Mohammadali Ayazi

22-  Existence of Revelations and Rationality from the Imam’s Viewpoint /Ahmad Beheshti

23-  The Quranic Melodies in Imam Khomeini’s Lyrics/Jalil Tajlil

24-  Fundamentals of Mystical Interpretations of Imam Khomeini/Ali Jankarimi

25-  Rescue of the Majority in the Opinion of Imam Khomeini and Ibn Sina/Sawud rajabinia

26-  Thresholds and Secrets of Prophethood and Imamate from the View of the Imam/Sayyed Hasan Sa’idi

27-  Commentary of the Chapter al-hamd from the Viewpoint of the Imam and other Mystics/Sayyed Hosayn Sayd Musavi

28-  Profile of the Perfect Man in the View of Mystics and the Imam/Mohammad Amin Sadeqi Arzakani

29-  Man in the View of Imam Khomeini/Zaynab Sane’i

30-  Mystical and Mandatory Elucidation of Traditions/Abdollah Salavati

31-  Interpreting “besmellah” (in the name of Allah…) with the Imam/Abolqasem Alidust

32-  Looking at the most important Elements in the Lexicon of Ma’ad in the View of Imam Khomeini/Mohsen Gharavian

33-  Perfect Man in the View of Imam Khomeini(s)/Qader Fazeli

34-  Revelation, Prophethood and Mystical Strategy of the Imam/ Mohammadhasan Qadrdan Qaramaleki

35-  Perfect man in the View of Imam Khomeini(s)/Abbas Mohammadian

36-  Fundamentals of Mystical Interpretation of Imam Khomeini/Ali Nasiri

37-  Mystical Interpretation and Secrets of Religious Law/Yadollah Yazdanpanah

38-  Divine Knowledge in the View of Imam Khomeini/Ahmadi Sa’di

39-  The Superior Name of Allah in the Opinion of the Imam/Zahra Ardestani

40-  A glance on the Description of Love in the Imam’s Poetical Works/Sahebali Akbari

41-  Manifestations of Mysticism in the Koranic Perspectives of Imam Khomeini/ Ali Tajarri

42-  Private Veil and Tearing it in Imam Khomeini’s Mysticism/Sayd Fazlollah Hosayni

43-  An Approach to Epistemology of Detection in the Imam’s Mysticism/Sayd Abbas Hosayni Qa’emmaqami

44-  Selections from Mysticism of Imam Khomeini(s)/Zia’eddin-alKhozuji

45-  Presence, the Present, and the Place of Presence/Hamidreza Rezania

46-  Mystical Guardianship in the View of Imam Khomeini/Mohammadjavad Rudgar

47-  Commentary of the Quran in the Imam’s Perspective/Hasan Shokuhian

48-  Mystical Interpretation of Imam Khomeini of the Separated Alphabetic Letters in the Koran/Kamal Sahra’i

49-  Affection and Love in the Disposition of the Imam/Abdollatif Alami

50-  Caliphate and Guardianship in Imam Khomeini’s Thought/ Mohammadreza Fo’adian

51-  Intuitive Interpretation of the Koranic Verses according to Imam Khomeini/ Alireza Qa’eminia

52-  The Major Jihad and the Stages of its Implementation in the View of Imam Khomeini/Jamshid Motahhari Tashi

53-  Innovations in Imam Khomeini’s Mysticism/Mehdi Neku’i Samani

54-  Theory of the Worlds without Borders in Islamic Mysticism/Hadi Vakili

55-  Creational or Canonical Guardianship from the Viewpoint of the Imam/Sayyed Mohammadtaqi Hami

56-  Invalidation of Religious Obligations in the View of Mystics and Imam Khomeini/Ali Aqanuri

57-  From the Celestial Skies to the Wastelands of the Earth/Abdolhamid Akuchekian

58-  Stages of Monotheism in Attitude and Conduct/Izadi

59-  An Excerpt from Serr-al-Salat by Imam Khomeini/Sayyed Sa’ida Bakhshian

60-  Mystical Conduct and Imam Khomeini(s)/ Sayd Hosayn Hosayni

61-  Religion, Conduct and Truth in the View of Imam Khomeini/Mojtaba Sepahi

62-  The Four Travels in the Opinion of Imam Khomeini(s)/Ja’far Shahnazari

63-  Embodiment of Actions in the Mystical and Ethical View of Imam Khomeini/ Mohammadbaqer Shari’ati

64-  Love and Mysticism in the View of Imam Khomeini/ Sayd Mohammad Shafa’I Mazandarani

65-  Mystical Conduct of Imam Khomeini/Fatema Tabataba’i

66-  Spiritual Positions in the Mirror of the Imam’s Speech/Ma’sumeh Tolu’

67-  Ethical-Mystical Decrees of Imam Khomeini/Ali Ghaffarzadeh

68-  Spiritual Exploration and its Stages in the View of Imam Khomeini/ Mohammadtaqi Fa’ali

69-  Invalidation of Obligations in Islamic Mysticism/Sayd Yahya Yathrebi


  • Mystical Conference-Ethical Articles (2 Volumes)


                     The Titles:


1-      Identification of the Ethical School of Imam Khomeini in Historical Approach/Abbas Izadpanah

2-      Deliberation over the Way how we should Enjoin to the Good and Forbid from the Bad in the educational View of the Imam/Izadifard

3-      Fundamentals of Imam Khomeini’s educational Ideas/Sayd Hasan Bana’i

4-      The School and Ethical Manner of Imam Khomeini(s)/Mohammadreza Bandarchi

5-      Imam Khomeini and the Coalition School of Ethic/Sayd Mohammad Saqafi

6-      Ethic and Mysticism of Ghazzali in Imam Khomeini’s View/Mostafa Ja’far Pisheh

7-      Application or Relativity of Ethical Values in the Imam’s ethical School/Mohammad reza Javaheri

8-      Theoretical Bases of Administrator’s ethic/Mahmud Hekmatnia

9-      Nature and Ethic in the View of Imam Khomeini/Hakimeh Dabiran

10-  Critique of the Perception of Western Thinkers in the Spiritual Thought of Imam Khomeini/Sa’id Zahedani

11-  The Relation between Jurisprudence and Ethics in the Imam’s View/ Javad Fakhar Tusi

12-  The Ways of Treating Ethical Meanness in Imam Khomeini’s View/Mohammad Reza Freiduni

13-  Classification of Moral Issues/Sayd Samsamoldin Qavami

14-  Bases and Principles of Upbringing in the Imam’s View/Susan Keshavarz

15-  The Relation between Ethic and religion in the Imam’s View/Mohammad Reza’i

16-  The Imam’s rational Opinions in the Quran and Traditions and divine Knowledge/Hasan Mamduhi

17-  Place of Intellect in Imam Khomeini’s ethical Theory and in the Ideas of Farabi, Avecena and Kant/Fereshteh Nadri Abyaneh

18-  Similarities of Imam Khomeini’s ethical Ideas with those of Plato’s/Mohammad Nasresfahani

19-  Educational aims and Bases/Hasanali Nuriha

20-  Piety in Ethical Thought of Imam Khomeini/Sayedeh Tahereh Aqamiri

21-  Phenomenology of Virtuousness/Sayyed Hasan Islami

22-  Edification of Soul and Evils of negligence from that, in the View of Imam Khomeini(s)/Hasan Imani

23-  Manifestation of Islamic Education in the Role of Imam Khomeini/Alhamdreza Towhidi

24-  Jihad of Soul in the Words and actions of Imam Khomeini/ Abdolhasan Hosayn Naffakh

25-  Love of the World from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini/ Rahmatollah Khaleqi

26-  Ethical Virtues in the Perspective of Imam Khomeini/ Sayd Amirreza Khorsand

27-  Necessity for Edification of the Soul According to the Imam/Razieh Dibaji

28-  Status of Upbringing in Imam Khomeini’s political thought/Ali Zu’elm

29-  Praying, the Key for Intended Treasure/Mahdi Rezvanipur

30-  Fundamentals for Islamic Upbringing from Imam Khomeini’s Perspective /Mohammad Sobhaninia

31-  A Special Look at the Absence of the Imam of Time (AS) / Sayd Nuroldin Shari’atmadar Jaza’eri

32-  Recognition of Jealousy in Arba’in and Ehya’ (revival)/Hasan Sianati

33-  Jealousy in the View of Imam Khomeini(s)/Hosayn Arefian

34-  Jealousy in the View of Imam Khomeini(s)/Khaled-al-Ghafuri

35-  An Introduction to Purification of Soul in Imam Khomeini’s View/ Mehrdad Kalantari

36-  Approving of Oneself/Abdolhadi Mas’udi

37-  Conditions for Self-making in the Ethical View of Imam Khomeini(s)/ Sayd Mohammadian Musavi

38-  The fact of Sincerity and Trust according to the mystics and the Imam/ Mohammad Nasiri

39-  The Utopia in the perspective of Imam Khomeini(s)/Naser Nikubakht




  • Mystical Conference--Ethic, Mysticism and Society


1-      Base for Prohibitions of Statesmanship (autocracy) in the Speech of Imam Khomeini(s)/ Mohammadjavad Akbarian

2-      Ethical Pathology of Islamic Societies in the Imam’s Thought/Hasanali Bakhtyar Nasrabadi

3-      The Bond of Ethic and Politics in the political Thought of Imam Khomeini(s) /Sayd Hasan Bana’i

4-      Imam Khomeini’s Ethical outlook on Politics/Sajjad Chegini

5-      In the Reality of the Revolution/Akbar Jabbari

6-      Worshipping in the View of Imam Khomeini/Mohammadali Ha’eri

7-      Contrastive role of Education and Politics in the View of Imam Khomeini/ Ahmadreza Hamsian

8-      Imam Khomeini and the Ethical approach to Social Interaction of Women/ Mojgan Dadfar

9-      Ethical Virtues from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini/Hosayn Rowhaninejad

10-  A Review of Manifestation of Ethic and Mysticism in the Islamic Revolution/Abbasali Amid Zanjani

11-  The Ethical Government in Political Ideas of Imam Khomeini(s)/Alireza Zohayri

12-  Leaning to Spirituality in Imam Khomeini’s Movement/Nadali Salehi

13-  Mysticism and Ethic of the Imam in the Revolution/Mehdi Abbasi

14-  The Interaction of Mysticism and Politics in Imam Khomeini’s Idea/ Abdolvahab Forati

15-  Hermeneutics of Wisdom and Ethics/ Saydali Mahmoudi

16-  From Mysticism to Politics in the Faith of Imam Khomeini(s) /Hamidreza Mazaheri Sayf

17-  The Status of Mysticism in the Political-Social Opinion of Imam Khomeini(s)/ Khalilrez Mansuri

18-  Philosopher of Unity and Leader of Multiplicity/Mozaffar Namdar Taleshani

19-  Imam Khomeini and Critique of Modernization in the Thought of Progress/ Musa Najafi

20-  From Individual Mysticism to Social Mysticism/Ebrahim Nikmanesh & Mostafa Jamali

21-  Role of Self-Making in the Arena of Ruling/Sayyed Javad Vara’i


  • Conference of Mysticism--Attitude and Legacy of the Prophet


1-      Effective Factors in Ethical-Mystical Upbringing of Imam Khomeini(s)/ Alihemmat Bonari

2-      In the Light of the Master (Role of Spiritual Master) in the View of Imam Khomeini/Ali Khani

3-      Imam Khomeini and the Relation between Man’s Nature and Ethic/ Mahmud Rajabi

4-      Luminous and dark Veils from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini/Hosayn Arab

5-      Attitude of Imam Khomeini with regard to simple Life free from luxury/ Mohammad Ellini

6-      Living a Simple Life in the Behaviour of Imam Khomeini/Mohammadreza Qaseminia

7-      Imam Khomeini’s Dynasty of Mystical Clerics/Mohammad Qanbari

8-      Epic and Mysticism in the Imam’s Ideas/Gholamreza Goli Zavare’i

9-      The Imam’s Mysticism with its Positive Influence on the Islamic Revolution/ Hasanali Nuriha

10-  Mystical Ideas in the Political Works of Imam Khomeini(s)/Reza Baba’i

11-  Critique and Reprimand of Scholastic Jangle and Common Mysticism in Imam Khomeini’s Works/ Ali Hosaynpur

12-  Methodology of the ethical-Mystical Thought of the Imam/Ahmad Daylami

13-  Imam Khomeini, designer of the most Mystical first Strategy/Mahtab Rezapur

14-  The Expression of Mystical Ideas in the Lyrics of Imam Khomeini’s Epilogue /Sohayla Salehi Moghaddam

15-  Imam Khomeini an Unknown Man of Letters/Alireza Forqani

16-  Description of 14 Quatrains of Imam Khomeini/Hosayn Qasemnejad

17-  Investigation in the Effect of Thought and Attitude of the Imam on the Growth of intellectuality in Today’s World/ Mohammadreza Ketabi

18-  An Approach to Ethical Works of Imam Khomeini/Reza Mokhtari


  • Mystical Conference-Ethic/Histology


Although Imam Khomeini(s) had been a famous mystic, a high-ranking jurist, a competent reformist and a great fighter before he could be a powerful poet, the position of his delicate, fluent poems is worth deliberating over and paying attention to. The present research has sought to analyze the Imam’s works in verse; the writer has divided the poems of the poets of the world into two kinds of introverted and extroverted and said: It is easy to consider the Imam’s poems as introverted, because this introversion has caused him to go away from the specific wording and mood of poetry. This collection of the Imam’s contains one introduction and three chapters as follows:


1-      Checking the poems for the element of rhythm,

2-      Checking them for the element of harmony.

3-      Checking them for words and meanings.


     And at the end, a selection of the most elegant sonnets of that poetic work, the table of poetic alignments and the table for distribution of rhymes have been attached thereto.



  • Mystical Conference--Ethic/Scientific Interviews


This book contains a collection of scientific interviews with some scholars of the theological colleges and universities or with some old companions and relatives of the Imam. The main theme of such interviews has been about the attitude, individual morality, and his governmental policy. In this collection, the texts of some panels for the place of mysticism and ethic in seminaries and universities as well as some inaugural and final speeches of conference ceremonies have been included.


  • Mystical Conference--Descriptional sources


Doing deep research is based on the researcher’s complete information and perfect knowledge about the works of other previous scholars in the respective subject. Therefore, the necessity and importance of different sources will become evident. This collection has introduced Imam Khomeini’s ethical-mystical works, his principal works known as references for his writings, and some works about the Imam’s ethical-mystical thoughts.


  • Mystical Conference--Abstracts of Conference articles


This book is a collection of the abstracts of 248 articles received by the conference. Since they were of different sizes, we first chose about half of them on the basis of subject attraction; but then in order to honor the efforts of all those who had accepted the invitation of the conference with regard to writing articles, we had the abstracts of all articles printed and published for anyone interested in reading them.


  •     Publication “Ishraq” (5 editions)


Newsletter “Ishraq” is another activity of the conference Committee which has tried to publish some parts of articles, interviews or other matters related to the conference.

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