The Meeting of Imam Khomeini and the Ideal World System

Time of Meeting: 22nd of Bahman, 1378
Place of Meeting: University of Unisa, Portoria


The conference “Imam Khomeini and the Ideal World System” was observed on Friday, Bahman 22, 1378 in the University of Unisa in Portoria, the Capital of South Africa with the presence of a large group of thinkers, scholars, authorities and writers from different countries of Africa, Europe or Americas and some local personalities of the city.

            In Addition to the Articles written on different dimensions of Imam Khomeini’s personality and the achievements of his movement, which were submitted to the administrator of the meeting, the meeting ended by the final speech of the son of Imam’s Remembrancer (Sayyed Ahmad) to give a special mood to the whole area. Also, there was a one-day seminar on the 16th of Bahman in the Cultural Center of Ottawa, Canada, in which the speakers delivered speeches on the Imam’s perspectives and thoughts.


  • The Collection of Articles for Imam Khomeini’s Conference on the Ideal World System (the titles)


  1. Imam Khomeini, a Multidimensional Personality/ Zafar Bangesh
  2. Imam Khomeini and the Just Universal Order/ Zafar Bangesh
  3. Social Order intended by Imam Khomeini/ Qorbanali Pormajan
  4. Imam Khomeini, the Center in the Focus of the Impoverished/ Mohammad-al-Asi
  5. Islam in the Thought and Action of Imam Khomeini/ Mohammad Ukita
  6. Social and Historical Developments of Women/ Maryam Mokanda Okama
  7. Imam Khomeini, Islamic Revolution and Developments/ Amado Watt
  8. Mysticism in the Idea of Imam Khomeini/ Fatemah Tabataba’i
  9. A Godly Cleric and Devotee in the Cause for God, Imam Khomeini/ Malam Nana’es
  10. Hosayn rose for God, Rise socially and Individually/ Faruq Abdolhaq

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