Never accept anything without argumentation

The Imam warmly welcomed and discussed any disagreement in the class

In the course of our study in seminary Imam Khomeini always encouraged us to ask our questions about the discourses taught by him whenever we felt it necessary.

Imam's main concern was that in spite of having some questions regarding a subject we might prefer to remain silent.

Thus he advised us:

“Any statement needs to be studied thoroughly from different perspectives and based on critical theories. No matter how important the instructor is, you may challenge his views and opinions. And never accept anything without argumentation.”

I remember, any opposition or disagreement on the part of students was warmly welcomed and discussed by the Imam with total care and attention. Even sometimes he rewarded them to generate enough enthusiasm.

Narrated by: Ayatollah Sayyid Abbas Khatam-Yazdi

Taken from: Exclusive Memoirs from Imam Khomeini’s Life, vol. 2

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