I want to kiss your forehead

On the days when the Imam would go to the ‘Alawi Theological School and the people would meet him in groups (men in the morning and women in the afternoon) there would be a great rush and normally a number of people would become indisposed and faint and would be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Once when I was with the Imam, in the midst of that throng and huge crowd, the eyes of the Imam fell on a ten-year old boy whose weak physical condition was dangerous. He was both crying as well as trying to push his way through to get to the front. In this tumult the Imam asked that the boy be brought to him. The boy was brought to the Imam while he was wet with sweat and was crying out of joy. When the Imam expressed his affection for him, he asked that he wanted to kiss the Imam on the face. The Imam then lowered his face and he kissed him on one cheek and then asked to kiss his other cheek too. The Imam allowed him to do so. Finally, he asked to kiss his forehead as well. The Imam once again humbly bent his forehead and he also kissed the forehead of the Imam.

I want to kiss your forehead.

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