Who has said that the people should be restrained?

After the victory of the Revolution, when the Imam arrived at a mosque in Qum to commemorate the souls of the departed, because of the huge crowd, the shoes of the Imam was missing and the turban fell off from his head and were able to bring out the Imam from the throng with great difficulty. The next day that the Imam was to participate in the commemoration ceremonies in that same location we positioned a number of Revolutionary Guards beforehand in the mosque to control the situation. After the Imam arrived and the crowd increased, one of the doors was closed. After the ceremony was over, the Imam instead of getting into the waiting car joined the crowd and the people encircled him. On the way back the Imam told the late Ishraqi and Mr. Sana’i that, “Who has said that the people be restrained and be kept behind closed doors? These things should not be repeated anymore.”

Who has said that the people should be restrained: Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad ‘Ali Ansari

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