His sense of reverence was exemplary

He felt deep reverence towards everybody

My studies and education for seminary courses lasted seven years, but I recall memorable images and memoirs on that flourishing period especially regarding the great Imam:    

During lectures he used to sit straight with good posture and listen to the lecturer with reverence.

Out of the seminary Imam had also adopted the same manner so that he behaved everybody with respect and humbleness.

We could observe a modest behavior even in his mode of walking.

Of course, such manner in respect of Imam’s masters and prominent Islamic scholars was exemplary and ideal.

He felt great reverence towards his masters and never missed an opportunity to admire them.

Whenever the Imam was going to draw a criticism from the arguments of a thinker, he performed it with total care and respect and always talked about the views not the persons.

Narrated by: Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani

Taken from: Neda Journal, no. 1

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